Because I'm a dope...there won't be a Week In Review.  I know...I know, it's sad.  It really is the worst feeling in the world.  Dan and I recorded a great podcast on Sunday but I f'd the engineering and guess what? I screwed up and it sounds like crap.  Butttttt I did post an episode we recorded in 2016 on the 'Stranger Than Fiction' page so click that link above and enjoy hearing about New Zealand.  If you want to hear the shitty quality of the podcast I f'd up email us and I'll send it to you.  We will not sully this page with poor quality recordings, sorry but we have a level of professionalism that must be kept.  Send us an email at  Follow us @thelivecanary on instagram and above all like and download the podcasts because your listening pleasure is our work and that makes me very happy.  Cheers.

Jeff Moore & Dan Barnes