Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore has never met fish that couldn't be caught and never met a person who turned down a story for a beer.  Is that a fact?  THIS THINGS FACT brought to you by Jeff along with a myriad of amazingly creative 'very local' commercials.  If you see him in passing, you wouldn't know whether he just finished foraging for wild mushrooms, made a batch of the world's hottest pepper sauce, or finished editing one of his other two Podcasts.  If there was an envelope pushing contest he'd win every time. Have a story that just needs to be told?  Send Jeff an email at  


Dan Barnes 

Dan Barnes has worn thin his car tires and his shoes, traveling the nation and globe behind the lens of a camera.  You heard a crazy story somewhere at a pub, there's a good chance it was one of his.  Did you know he's hiked Kilimanjaro, survived police brutality in Tijuana, or drove 36 hours just to see Pearl Jam?  Or that he's a Cubs fan?  If not, then you've never had a conversation with Dan.  Want to know more?  Check out his beautiful photography below or at