About the Authors


Jeff Moore has never met fish that couldn't be caught and never met a person who turned down a story for a beer.  Is that a fact?  THIS THINGS FACT brought to you by Jeff along with a myriad of amazingly creative 'very local' commercials.  If you see him in passing, you wouldn't know whether he just finished foraging for wild mushrooms, made a batch of the world's hottest pepper sauce, or finished editing one of his other two Podcasts.  If there was an envelope pushing contest he'd win every time. Have a story that just needs to be told?  Send Jeff an email at thelivecanary@gmail.com  

Dan Barnes has worn thin his car tires and his shoes, traveling the nation and globe behind the lens of a camera.  You heard a crazy story somewhere at a pub, there's a good chance it was one of his.  Did you know he's hiked Kilimanjaro, survived police brutality in Tijuana, or drove 36 hours just to see Pearl Jam?  Or that he's a Cubs fan?  If not, then you've never had a conversation with Dan.  Want to know more?  Check out his beautiful photography at http://www.dbarnes.photobiz.com